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Our Composers

Liturgy Solutions engages composers who employ a variety of compositional approaches when setting the Propers. We feel it is important to utilize musical vocabularies that are current and creative while still being influenced by history and tradition. We do not seek to be trendy or cutting edge, but rather to offer a fresh sound to all the Proper texts we set and to convincingly proclaim the Word of God to those who are gathered for worship in parishes today. Our composers, some of the most prominent Lutheran liturgical musicians of their generation, have a proven record of providing accessible and effective resources for the Church.

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Nathan Beethe
Jeffrey Blersch

Charles Brown
Terry Herald
Kevin Hildebrand
Scott M. Hyslop
Stephen R. Johnson
Jonathan Kohrs
Phillip Magness
Matthew Machemer
James Marriott
Jonathan Mueller
Mark Peters
Dawn Sonntag
Jon Vieker

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