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Download & Delivery

Here is some helpful information about how to receive your Liturgy Solutions music after you place your order and enter your payment information.

After you select the music you would like to purchase, go ahead and head to the checkout button. You will be taken to the Paypal site for Liturgy Solutions. This is where you will enter all your account or credit card information and make your payment.

After you pay, be sure to remember to "RETURN TO MERCHANT." That is where you will be given options as to how to would like to receive your music. Most clients are able to receive downloads of their music direct to their computer. If not, you may recieve your product by email. Be advised that if you purchased several large files, you may have trouble receiveing that email. If that occurs, send us a note and we'll send your music in separate emails, that usually takes care of the problem.

Whether you receive your music automatically, or whether you end up needing help from us, we strive to provide you, our clients, and partners in the proclamation of the Gospel, with the highest level of customer service.


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Getting your music...
the 3 steps

1. After shopping, go to checkout and be taken to the Paypal site.

2. After you pay, be sure to click RETURN TO MERCHANT

3. Select the manner in which you would like your music delivered.

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