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Our Guarantee

At Liturgy Solutions, we want our clients to be happy with our products.  If you buy music from us and decide that it is of no use to the Lord’s ministry in your parish, we’ll give you your money back.  It’s that simple.  Whether it turns out that you are not pleased, your pastor is not pleased, your choir is not pleased, your accompanist is not pleased - or if even its just a chronically anxious patriarchal elder is unpleased – it doesn’t matter.  We’ll refund your money.

We also guarantee that we’ll fix problems you may find with any of our files.  Indeed, that’s one of the beauties of on-line publishing!  Find a word misaligned or an accidental missing in a score?  Let us know and we’ll send you an updated copy of the music!  Sometimes we even provide updates to a score, such as a descant or a different voicing of the part.  And when we enhance a piece of music in such a way, we go ahead and send the revised score out to our clients who have purchased that music – just in case they’d have a use for it. 

Finally, we guarantee that if you have trouble downloading your files after purchase, we will send them out to you as soon as you alert us to the problem. While our clients usually don’t have trouble purchasing and downloading scores automatically from the site, there are occasional problems due to firewalls, spam filters, and limits on email box sizes.  When that happens, just send us an email and we’ll get you your files right away. 

We treasure the partnership in the Gospel we share with our clients and with each other, and are devoted to providing you with solutions to the problems and challenges we all face as we sing the Lord’s Song today in this strange land.

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