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Pricing & Payment

Liturgy Solutions' choral collections include pieces for SATB choir, SAB choir, and also unison choir compositions that are suitable for children's choirs or a solo cantor. You receive all this music for far less than you would pay traditional publishing houses for choir music. The moment you use your second piece out of any collection, you start saving your congregation money. For more information about our choral booklet, please read "what you receive" at the bottom of this page or check out the product descriptions and samples contained here on the site. Just click on the time of the Church Year for which you might use some new choral "solutions"!

There is enough variety built into to each book that we are confident you will be satisfied with your order. If you download this product and then discover that you cannot use any of the music, please call our customer service number on our contact page to request a refund.




Our ZIPPED Files

Our files are sent to you "zipped." This means you will need an un-zip utility on your computer to extract the product PDF document(s).

Click here for a free zip utility.

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