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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying About Liturgy Solutions Consultants:

As a pianist with no organ skills, I needed some practical advice when I was drafted to play organ at my church, especially since I didn't have the background of a Lutheran college or formal training in church music.

I took some lessons in church musicianship from Phil Magness. He was always conscious of the limited resources in our small parish and sensitive to my skills and comfort level. He helped give me language and strategies for working with volunteers and committees, and has been a great source of information about good music to use - even music for our beginner bell choir! He has helped me learn how to use the piano more effectively so the congregation can sing with the piano, and taught me how to use the organ more effectively to lead the congregation in singing new melodies and to creatively "paint the text" of hymns. I've had people tell me they are noticing the words of the hymns like never before!

When I can hear someone singing at the top of their lungs or tell me they "cried all the way through it," I know that the Lord has used me as His instrument to lead His song. I can't imagine doing this without the experience of a professional musician like Phil Magness.

Comments from Church Leaders:

Dr. Gregory J. Wismar, Chairman, LCMS Commission on Worship says...

The concept of Liturgy Solutions will resonate well in Lutheran congregations seeking original and helpful liturgically related music.  It is evident that Liturgy Solutions includes the work of some of the best currently-composing musical talents of the Church.  The use of current internet technology makes the use of Internet Solutions eminently accessible to church musicians and singers.  Those of us involved in the "world of worship" are pleased to welcome the kind of thoughtfully creative and technically competent resources Liturgy Solutions provides. May God bless your continuing efforts to supply the Church with faithful music to the glory of God!

Rev. Bryan Gerlach, Administrator, Commission on Worship, Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod says...

Practical, creative, accessible. Supportive of lectionary and liturgy. What more could Lutheran musicians desire as they strive to praise God by proclaiming his Word? When your choir sings an anthem, it’s easy to expand their contribution to worship by also singing an interpretive alternatim hymn stanza, a creative Verse of the Day setting, or verses from a new Psalm setting. The repertoire available here is a fresh expression of an approach to Lutheran choral music that has served well for centuries.



Comments from the Parish:

"...focused, accessible, fresh, easy to integrate into the worship service...marvelous support to the richness of liturgical worship."

Pastor Steven Lange
Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church; Louisville, KY



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