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Hymn Stanzas

The practice of having the choir sing selected stanzas of hymns does so many wonderful things. It gives the congregation a chance to meditate on the text while having the tune reinforced for them. It allows for the art of music to paint the text of the hymn and thereby magnify the hymn's message and teaching. It provides a meaningful role for the choir in the liturgy. And it helps create a culture of hymn singing in the parish, helping the cantor nurture a piety that treasures psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs for how they make the Word dwell in us richly.

We've put many of our more popular hymn stanzas into seasonal collections. It can save you a little time (more music in one purchase) and a little money. If you have alreay ordered music from us before, just be sure to check the titles of the hymns in a collection so that you don't inadvertently buy the same music twice!

Soon we will add collections of hymn stanzas by voicing, for the convenience of children's choir directors, soloists, SAB choirs, and a cappella choirs.

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