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Service Music

On this page, browse a variety of Canticles, Litanies, and other resources for the Divine Service and for the daily offices of the church.

We are adding some congregational hymns to this page as well. These are hymns that are not in LSB, or where the text is set to a different tune in LSB. In other words, these hymns with their unique combination of text and tune, are found nowhere other than Liturgy Solutions! Please see the right hand side of this page for an explanation of the hymn offerings.



You will notice that the price we charge for a congregational hymn is a little higher than what we charge for a choral piece. This is because congregational hymns are likely to be photocopied a great many more times than a choral work. Consider the number of people usually present in your worship service and that will likely be the number of times you will reproduce these hymns each time you use them. Given this, we charge a little more, out of respect for the composer and poet.

Other factors detemining price are the length of the hymn, the complexity of the accompaniment and whether any other features are included, such as optional instrument parts.

Obtaining special permission to use hymns of this nature from traditional publishing house would cost the same or more than we charge– but for one-time use only. Our prices cover as many copies as will allow your congregation to sing these special hymns as often as they wish.

For more on these hymns go to our blog, Fine Tuning

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