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How To Do It

Because commissions can range from a simple psalm setting to a new hymn tune to a full-blown hymn concertato, we recommend contacting us directly via email so that we can explore your needs and then connect you with an ideal composer for your project. 

Once you are connected with your composer, and we have worked out the business and copyright arrangements, he or she will communicate with you directly to get your vision and direction for the music.  You will be entitled to choose the time and location of the premier performance of the work, and may assign any dedication you wish to the piece. Liturgy Solutions retains all publication rights. 

For payment, 25% of the final price is requested as a deposit, with the balance due upon completion of the score.  Should you have concerns about the final form of the piece, our composers will work with you to revise the piece in order to address those concerns.  We apply our guarantee to this piece, just as we do to all publications in our catalog. 

Whether you are celebrating a congregational anniversary, ordaining a new pastor, or sponsoring a hymn festival, Liturgy Solutions can provide original music to enhance any occasion.

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