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On-Site Parish Renewal

Looking for more than a series of teleconferences? Liturgy Solutions Onsite Parish Renewal is a program that allows you, your pastor, and your congregation to set up a customized consulting and coaching service which includes a Liturgy Solutions “church music veteran” working with you at your parish. This is ideal for situations where more than one person is interested in improving worship at a church. Potentially, a full-range service could include pastors, musicians, teachers, elders, worship committee members, altar guild, ushers, and acolytes. It all depends on what your needs are.

The links on this page describe the mix of services we provide for congregations seeking a more comprehensive approach to nurturing the Lord’s song and renewing liturgical life in the parish. In addition to the preliminary teleconferences, these services include coaching, committee presentations, workshops, and dialog facilitation. Our aim is to help all the parties involved in worship work together to do the best possible job of magnifying the Lord and getting His gifts out to the people on Sunday morning. Onsite support is the best way to get all the “players” involved and working together. 

In addition to customizing an approach that works best for you, Liturgy Solutions provides ongoing support after the Renewal Program. Unlike other consultants, we don’t just disappear after we’ve done our program. With the feedback and accountability we provide, our Onsite Parish Renewal program provides a truly comprehensive and holistic approach that will revitalize worship and enliven congregations through the power of the Word dwelling richly among us.

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