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Customizing a Program

Our on-site programs are not “one-size-fits-all.”  We know that each parish is unique.  Some parishes might prefer a full week of workshops, lessons, and focus groups.  Another parish might just be looking for an outside facilitator to help with a half-day worship retreat.  We are prepared to work with you to provide the best possible configuration of services. 

Here are but three examples of how an “On-Site Parish Renewal” program might work:

1. A Liturgy Solutions Worship Retreat for Worship Planners

8AM - Morning Prayer
8:30 - Group Presentation on Principles for Good Worship Planning
9:00 - Team Discussion – Evaluation of Parish History, Sharing of Dreams
9:45 - Break
10:00 - Presentation of Resources (from many publishers) &
Ideas to Consider
11:00 - Group Reaction, Discussion
11:30 - LS Consulting w/ group re: Recommended Strategies and Tactics
12:00 - Lunch
1:00 -   Final Presentation: Working Together Harmoniously
1:30 -   Group Discussion, Establishment of Goals
2:15 -    Closing Devotion

2. A Musicians Weekend with Liturgy Solutions

Friday 6:00pm -  Dinner w/choir and instrumentalists
7:00pm -  Devotion:  Leading the Lord's Song
7:30 -  Choir stays for Choir Retreat

Choir retreat:  "Five Pillars for Good Singing"
Activities:  Group Vocal Technique, Rehearsals, Team-Building, Goal Sharing

Saturday 8:00am-4pm -  Choir Retreat Continues
Saturday 6:30pm - Instrumentalists return
Workshop:  "Being Instrumental in God's Praise"

Sunday AM -  Choir & Instrumentalists play music from retreat at Divine ServiceSunday 12:30pm -  Celebration lunch with pastor(s)
Sunday 2:00pm -  Closing Devotion with pastor(s)
Sunday 2:30pm -  LS Consultant meets with pastor(s) and/or choir director(s)
Sunday 4pm - LS Workshop with Organist(s)


3. An Old Fashioned Singing School with Liturgy Solutions

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 12:30am  "Singing School" with
Grades 2/3-6/8*
(*grades determined in consultation with local choir directors)

Activities:  Sight-reading, Group Vocal Technique, Choir Rehearsal Music Games, and Camp Contests

Monday - Friday 1:30 - 4:30pm  Youth Handbell Workshop or private lessons for parish musicians

Monday - Friday 6:30 -7:30 "Singing School" for the Whole Congregation. This event is to help all members of the congregation improve their hymn singing. Could be preceded by a light meal each evening.  

Monday - Friday 7:45 - 8:45  Choir Clinic with Adult/High School Choir

Saturday AM -  Rehearsals with Instrumentalists
Saturday Afternoon -  Consulting with Pastors & Music Leaders re: worship planning

Sunday AM -  Singing Schools sing and play at the Divine Service


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