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What would a Liturgy Solutions consultant do to optimize the ministry of music at your parish?  Helpful services include coaching, committee presentations, workshops, individual consulting, and dialog facilitation.  These tools can get everyone in the parish working together, connect them with solid resources for the Gospel, and motivate them to rejoice in their vocations and develop their skills for leading the Lord’s song.

Coaching can be provided for all sorts of musicians and worship planners in your congregation.  Organists, pianists, guitarists, singers, and pastors can all have special attention devoted to their needs.  Does an organist need help with tempos and registrations?  Does the pianist need to develop skills for song-leading?  Does the guitarist understand how to fit into a liturgical ensemble?  Do your soloists need coaching on how to be song-leaders rather than performers?  Perhaps the pastor would like better tools for hymn selection or for preparing different liturgical settings.  Bringing in one of our seasoned musicians for a day or two can be a great way to help with these and many more challenges you may face in your church.

Liturgy Solutions Consulting can be as simple as a few lessons in practical church musicianship. Here's what a church musician in a medium-sized rural parish in Northern Illinois has to say about her work with one of our consultants. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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