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Our composers have between them over 200 years of experience in music ministry. They have served parishes across the country, in a variety of settings. Several of them are available to help you with challenges you may be facing in your situation. For this purpose, we have set up Liturgy Solutions Teleconferences to provide our clients with needed professional advice and counsel that in many cases is unavailable to parish musicians “out in the field.” 

This advice is certainly not limited to musical considerations or techniques. In most cases, the parish musician has the skills needed for his or her vocation, but often faces challenges for which music school simply didn’t prepare them! Maybe you need help working with members of your team or are having troubles managing your worship committee. Perhaps you need help with securing funding for your programs or could use advice on how best to proceed with organ renovations, selecting an electronic keyboard, or buying a piano. Or maybe your needs are more musical: you play keyboards very well and are comfortable with the choir, but have now been asked to direct a handbell choir or a brass group and are looking for help! Sure, there are books you might buy on these topics, but talking to someone who has been in your situation and learned how to negotiate the pitfalls of ministry successfully can be most helpful to you. 

Setting up a Liturgy Solutions Teleconference is easy.  Just contact us by email, let us know the topic(s) you wish to discuss, and we’ll set up a time to talk. You can even request your favorite Liturgy Solutions composer! The cost of a teleconference is not much more than an organ or piano lesson: $35 for a half-hour; $60 for an hour.  Discounts are offered for an ongoing series of sessions.

Whether classes or workshops aren’t available in your area, or whether you simply don’t have time to head off to church music conferences, Liturgy Solutions Teleconferences can provide you with focused, direct, and personal assistance with all your music and worship ministry needs. 

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