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We offer workshops for ensembles and individuals.  Sometimes a choir needs a new perspective to inspire their singing. Other choirs could use some group vocal coaching, especially if the director has a stronger background in keyboards or instrumental music rather than choral/vocal training. And sometimes a choir just needs someone to come in and reinforce things the choir director is already telling them!  All choirs are motivated by special projects and performances.  Learning some fresh music and polishing an old favorite with a Liturgy Solutions clinician might be just the boost your choir needs.  We also work with handbells, brass, woodwinds, and contemporary liturgical ensembles. 

Individual coaching is also available.  If you live near one of our organists, a course of private lessons can be an affordable alternative to lessons at a local college – and would allow someone to study with someone who is focused on liturgical playing.  Choir directors can also take private lessons, which include a refining of conducting technique, exploration of strategies for more productive rehearsals, and criteria for music selection.  Coaching can be especially helpful for novice hand bell directors, or for music directors having to work with either a different age group or a different set of instruments than that which they have experienced. 

Whether you are an organist who needs to learn how to work with guitars & synthesizers, a choir director being tapped to take over the handbell choir, or a pianist who has been drafted to direct the children, a short series of lessons or even a half-day of coaching can give you strategies and resources to help you proceed with confidence. 

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