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Coaching for Individual Musicians

Playing music for worship calls for a different kind of musicianship than music for the concert hall - or the local VFW.   Most musicians are either trained in classical performance or schooled by ear in the crafts of popular music.  Music in the liturgy calls for different skills because it is unique: the Lord's Song is intended to be sung by non-musicians, without rehearsal!  This means that the classical musician needs to develop a greater ear for ensemble and improvisation, and the folk/pop musician needs to develop greater music liturgy.  And both need to focus on communal singing rather than self-expression, and grow in their ability to sing through their instruments.

Musicians who grow in the art of liturgical practice discover that their personal performance of music is enhanced - whether they are classically or popularly trained.  The refinement of the ear and the enhanced sensitivity to breath and movement that comes from liturgical musicianship allows all musicians to connect more deeply with their craft - whatever music they may perform.

Prices for individual coaching or private lessons vary based on intensity, length, and need for travel. “Intensity” depends on the number of lessons concentrated over a short period of time. “Coaching” is defined as work with one of our professionals done on a collegial basis: i.e., without assignments.  Private lessons presume practicing and homework assignments.  In general, the cost of intensives is less overall per hour. Coaching fees are based on our teleconference fees; private lesson rates vary depending upon the instructor.
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